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ePUBee Maker is a powerful Word addin that helps you publish EPUB, Mobi, PDF ebook with the same quality as Word document.

Keyfeatures of ePUBee Maker v1.8.1.29:

100% free and safe;
Quick, efficient conversions from word to epub;
No contents or quality losing;
Set cover, edit metadatas, edit table of contents, make professional ebook;
Amazingly easy to use, just need edit word documents and click on "Publish";
Generate EPUB, MOBI, AZW, AZW3, PDF books in one software;
Import EPUB, MOBI, AZW, AZW3, HTML, TXT to Word, you can use ePUBee Maker as eBook Editor or eBook Reader.

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Note: This ePub Maker only works well in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013. Word 2003 or earlier versions are not supported.

How to use ePubee Maker

Step 1: Open word to start ePubee Maker

Since you have installed this addon ePub Maker, then as soon as you open your word document you will see "ePUBee Maker" from the the menu bar.

start epubee maker


Step 2: Formatting your word document

Before converting word to epub, you'd better typeset your word document so that your word document will be shown pretty well on your any eReaders as ePub/Mobi format.

Don't worry here teach you how to format word document as an eBook file.

Of course if your word is well-formatted, you can ignore this step to follow the step 3.

How to generate eBook menus:

Firstly from "home" sections to click h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 etc to generate.

generate ebook menus

Then you can see these chapter names at the left side, as the image shows.

show menu

If you couldn't see them in your word, please click "View", then check "Navigation pane" please.

view navigation

After converted to epub, your epub reader will show the menu like this (here take Adobe Digital Editions as an example).

show menu on ade

But if you haven't add any, you can click "References"--"Table of Contents". Then choose the title to insert.

insert table of contents

After finished you will see all these menus have been added to your word.

see table of contents in word

Bear in mind that this menu will only appear as ebook page, not on read menu.

How to insert images to word

Click "Insert", and select the "Pictures". Then you can choose beautiful images you love to add.

insert images to word

Step 3: Convert word to epub/mobi with ePubee Maker

Click on "ePUBee Maker"-- "Quick Publish", input the epub book's name. Soon this free program could help you creat epub files from word quickly.

quick publish

You can also click on "Publish", it allows you to select cover for your epub books.

select cover

"Confirm" please. It allows you to edit epub/mobi metadatas.

edit metas

Step 4: Open epub to read

After completed it will tell you to open your epub/mobi/pdf. Now you can open your ebook file in any epub/mobi/pdf programs, such as ADE, Kindle for PC, iBooks.



You can also transfer it to your eReader devices such as iPad, Kindle, Kindle fire, iPhone, Android phone, Nook, Kobo.

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100% free program helps you convert Microsoft Word documents to EPUB/Mobi/PDF with high quality.

ePUBee Maker

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